Andrew Taylor MSN, RN-BC.

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​​​​​​​​Magic Wand Rejuvenation  specializes in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and Hypnotherapy. Whether you are trying to lose weight, stop smoking, look and feel younger or re-discover the pleasure of arousal, we help our clients using a combination of Acupuncture and Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation, Vampire Procedures (V-Facial / V-Breast Lift) for revitalization and O-Shot / Priapus-Shot for women or men's sexual enhancement​​ and Gastro-Band Hypnosis for the treatment of obesity.....all offered in our Renton and Monroe clinics with other locations planned for this year.

By specializing in the successful treatment of Sexual Dysfunction, Andrew takes a genuinely holistic approach integrating the body, mind and spirit in the treatment of female urinary incontinence, arousal disorders and male erectile dysfunction (ED). utilizing a combination of acupuncture, erotic hypnosis and counseling "to rekindle a weak or lost libido and produce tantric-like orgasms in "non-orgasmic" (or so they thought) women and "impotent" men. Research has proven that a healthy libido adds happier years to the quality of one’s life and that orgasms release neuro-chemicals to reduce insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain (yes headaches), improve heart health and boost the immune system, This creates a healthier, happier, less anxious and more loving person.

Before beginning one of our procedures, you will be referred to either your Primary Care Provider for a wellness assessment or to one of our Doctors to check your hormonal levels and assurance that there are no contraindications for participating in your chosen treatment. These services are usually covered by your private health insurance and if not, we will absorb the cost if seen by one of our recommended Physicians. Once you are medically cleared and referred back to us for treatment, we will begin your session by providing you with the usual intake questionnaires related to your current physical, mental, emotional and sexual health, followed by a brief counseling or hypnotherapy session to eliminate any anxiety or discomfort that could have been experienced from the procedure. Next you will be invited to relax on our massage table as you enjoy the light and sound therapy via glasses that flash colored lights and ear phones that transmit soothing music and variable tones to stimulate your brainwaves into theta frequency inducing a state of profound relaxation and decreased sensitivity. At this time we insert a small needle connected to a cold laser into your arm for about 20 mins to energize your blood, then draw a few tubes of blood from you which will be spun in our PRP specific centrifuge over the next 10 mins during which time numbing cream and local anesthetic blocks will be applied to the specific body areas that are to be treated. After I have obtained the proper amount of PRP, I will add some calcium chloride to produce a Platelet Rich Fibrogen Matrix from the plasma full of Growth Factors and premature Stem Cells which I will inject into the numbed areas of your body to complete the procedures that you had requested. This would conclude the treatment and you will be given after care and follow up instructions before you leave which will include an invitation to be seen again in 2 weeks and 2 months at no further cost to you. {Important Note: The Vampire Procedures, Priapus Shot and O-Shot® does not work well in smokers for the same reason that a plastic surgeon would never do a face lift or breast implants on a smoker–the poisons in the cigarettes will kill the growth of the stem cells that are recruited and fertilized by the PRP. But, do not give up! Make an appointment for our Smoking Cessation program using Hypnotherapy!

                All of our procedures are performed with a money back satisfaction guarantee!

Buyer Beware! The O Shot® (Orgasm Shot®) Procedure is a specific way of using growth factors to rejuvenate the vagina for help with stress incontinence and with sexual dysfunction. Injected in the wrong way, results could be useless or worse. The name is protected by US Patent & Trademark law and only nurses and physicians who are members of our O-Shot® provider group and listed here on this website are licensed to use the name & trusted for treatments.

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