​​Specializing in:

~Facial Rejuvenation

~Female & Male Sexual Dysfunction

~Breast Enhancement

~Hair Loss Restoration

~Virtual Gastro-Band Hypnosis

Successful Treatment of:

~Sexual Dysfunction

~Nipple/Breast Desensitization

~Nipple Inversion

~Urinary Incontinence


Andrew Taylor MSN, RN-BC.

    Call: 425-636-9072

    Text: 206-355-8033



Magic Wand Rejuvenation

Men: Improve Sex & Cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED) with the Priapus Shot or P-Shot​ Procedure

Women: Improve Sex & Cure Urinary Incontinence with the Orgasm Shot or O-Shot Procedure




for weight loss or treatment of obesity visit:

​To sample a session of our treatment for female arousal disorder using Hypnosis along with an O-Shot, see "Hypnotic Orgasm Therapy - 50 Shades Gray Room" on:  www.YouTube.com